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CBDs, The Results Are In

Suzanne Gardner

After months of talking about potential benefits of CBDs in Dogs. The people who have been using it for their dogs are now speaking out about their experiences.

I Heart Dogs asked 200 individuals giving their dog CBD and the results are astounding.

They found a reduction in Anxiety of 22.5%. 

Pain and Arthritis reduced by nearly 20%

I would say on a personal note that I give my 15 year old poodle CBDs and after about 2 weeks, I’m shocked at the difference in her discomfort. She now sleeps better because her pain is reduced and she has begun jumping on the couch again. I would say her improvement is more in the 50% range.

The next thing they asked their customers was if they found CBDs effective and nearly 60% found them Very Effective while another 20% found them Somewhat Effective. That’s a total of 80% of people experienced a positive and noticeable improvement in the quality of life of their Fur family member.

I think we have only scratched the surface of the potential benefits of this Hemp based product. Not to mention that many people are choosing a natural remedy for pain and/or anxiety instead of traditional methods of pain or anxiety relief which can involve serious pain medications which have many horrible side effects.


For those interested in trying CBDs the veterinarians recommend starting on a low dose and increasing until you start to see improvement without the side effects of sleepiness.  It’s a bit of trial and error but pay attention to the amazing results.  

There are many different brands of Hemp derived CBDs on the market so look for a brand made specifically for dogs.  Make sure that the ingredient are Human Grade and preferably tested by a third party.

I have chosen for my dogs Dope Dog products which have already been made into Cruncher type cookies so no need for droppers.  They also have the drops but I figure it’s just easier to give cookies which my dogs love.