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Choosing the Right Type of Bed for Your Pet

Deborah Lechter
Finding a good dog bed is not as simple as choosing the first cute bed you see. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes and there are so many to choose from! Dogs, just like their owners, have different needs when it comes to a comfortable place to catch their sleep. So what should you be looking for? Size of course matters, but there are so many other factors to consider like personality, agility, health issues and so on. Your special pooch deserves the perfect bed to match his type. Here are some of our favorite picks.

The Sprawler

Does your dog just love to stretch out? Does she like to flop down and sprawl ( kind of ike your teenager?) We recommend a pillow or lounger. Make sure you pick one that is large enough to accomodate your dog’s body when she is stretched out. We suggest measuring your dog, and then picking a bed that is at least 5 inches longer and wider. 

The Hot Dog

Is your pooch a hottie?  You may want to consider a  cooling dog bed for warmer climates and for thick coated or large/giant breeds who often find it difficult to regulate their body temperature to a comfortable level. 

The Snuggler

Does your precious pooch like to sleep curled up, or in a position where its paws are tightly tucked under the body?  Then a donut or cuddler bed is a great choice. These beds resemble a nest and give dogs a sense of security. Alternatively, you can opt for a  nice, squishy ball bed which your dog will love to get right in the middle of, turn round a few times and create a cozy nest. Here are some of our picks.

The Senior Dogizen

Just like us, elderly dogs and dogs that have arthritis and other joint concerns need beds that are supportive. This means that their beds should be thick and provide plenty of push back rather than simply sinking or relocating filling when the dog lies on the bed. The most popular choice is the orthopedic memory foam bed, which conforms to your dog’s shape but provides support for aching joints. As your dog’s fur slowly starts turning gray, even the smallest change in floor level can be a hazard. Both the FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed Mattress,and the Brindle Orthopedic 4" Memory Foam Beds are comfortable and provide easy on and off access.

The Cool Dude

We know your pet is the coolest, but does he often get cold? Short haired, hairless and eldery pets often prefer being really warm. When the snuggly beds just don't seem to provide enough snuggling warmth, you may want to choose a warming mat or blanket. We like the following as they are self-warming, no worries about electrical cords or electricity costs.

The Adventurer

Does your pet love exploring? Indulge your pet's sense of adventure with these fun beds.

The Sun Bather

You know the type, she's always out there soaking up the sun. Either she's lying sprawled on one of your nice outdoor loungers or she's sleeping on a hard deck or patio. There's a better choice.

The Dribbler

He's a perfect gem and you love him to bits. But sometimes he leaves a little dribble wherever he goes. If you recognize the dribbler, i.e your pet has little accidents, we have a bed for that. Perfect for older pets,very young ones or just those slobs, these beds are waterproof and really easy to clean.


Whatever bed you chose, for your smoochy pet, always look for ones that are easy to clean, removable covers are the best bet.You wouldn't skimp on your own bed so chose safe, durable and superior quality for your pet too!