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Getting a Second Dog. Is it a Good Idea?

Suzanne Gardner

It had never really entered my mind to get a second dog as I really felt that one was enough. My current dog Annie had always been happy going to the doggy park 2-3 times a day and playing with all her friends. She really didn’t have any need for a brother or sister.....until we moved.

We moved to a suburban area where people didn’t make it a priority to take their dogs to the park. They had backyards and their dogs spent more time with the family and less time socializing at the dog park. Needless to say Annie became increasingly lonely as did I. We would go to the park and look for anyone with a dog but we rarely if ever found anyone. Annie and I were so close that when she looked at me with those eyes I knew she was asking when all the other dogs were going to arrive...but they almost never did.

Annie started to become depressed. She was unenthusiastic, slept more, and ate less. It was breaking my heart to see my sweet girl feel so sad. This was when I decided that I needed to get her a friend. My last dog had been a rescue so I began looking online to see if there was any dog that looked “right’ for us. This is when Izzy from Ohio came into our lives.

Izzy was a very bad case in the rescue world. She wasn’t housetrained, she didn’t know how to walk up stairs, didn’t know how to play, and was too frightened to go outside. Slowly but surely she gained confidence through Annie. Izzy learned how to play, how to wrestle, how to roll in dirt and how to be the best sister. Izzy followed Annie around and learned everything she needed to know. Annie grew to love her sister and they became the best of friends

My recommendations for having 2 dogs are that your first dog should be well trained before you get the second. The reason is simple; if the first dog is called and will return to you in the park the second dog will likely follow. The second dog will learn everything and I mean EVERYTHING good and bad that your first dog does.

Next make sure you can afford it. It’s not just double the cost of food . It’s also double the cost of grooming, double Vet bills, double dog sitters, double toys, twice the amount of treats, etc. You also need to accept that having one dog is easy but having two dogs can be a lot of dog to ask someone else to walk. You need to be able to hire people to do the jobs you can’t as asking one of your doggy friends to look after your dogs when they most likely already have a dog is too much to ask. I used to be able to ask anyone to take Annie for the day but now I need to have a dog sitter.  It can get expensive especially as they get older and have more issues that need Veterinarian visits.

Other than this, having two dogs has been a wonderful experience as it has made them both so happy to have each other. I don’t feel as guilty going out anymore as they have each other as company. As I’m sure you already know, each dog has its own very specific personality, so each one of them adds something different and special to your life.

There’s nothing better than a sister!