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I'm not ready to let you go...

Debbie Lechter

 As my precious dog and cat age, I find myself looking at them and thinking “ I’m not ready to let you go” I know I will never let them suffer just to keep them a bit longer, but I also know I will never be prepared to say goodbye.

Our pets are everything. They see the best in us and I think, make us better humans. They remind us to take pleasure in the small, simple things, ask for nothing and give so much. But sadly they are here for such a short period of time. When you bring home that little creature and think you have (if you are lucky) fifteen years with them, it seems at that moment a long time. Those years fly by and suddenly you turn around and your time together is almost up.

I’ve known people who have told me that losing their pet was actually more heartbreaking than losing a human family member. I don’t wish to devalue the role humans play in our lives, but somehow the bond we have with our special pet is, in many ways stronger.  Unlike our relationships with people, which are sometimes one sided, and often complicated, those with our pets are based on unconditional love. Who else will stay by your side all day when you are sick, ecstatically greet you when you’ve been gone ten minutes, or just take sheer pleasure in being with you day in day out? They don’t care if we look dreadful, if we are successful or important.  All they want is our love and they deliver it back tenfold.

Our pets get us and we get them, even without sharing words.  I can’t imagine a world without them…

So hold and kiss your beloved pet, tell them you love them, take that extra walk in the park together or snuggle up and hang out. Time is fleeting and goes way too fast.

In memory of Izzy Gardner who left us far too soon and who will be forever in our hearts.

Rest in peace, we know you are happy now at The Rainbow Bridge.