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Urban Chic Goes to The Dogs

Suzanne Gardner

A new era in the Dog world has arrived. One in which dogs get stylish, chic, “human”-inspired clothing and accessories. From coats and sweaters to hats, scarves and boots. There really isn’t a thing you can’t find for your furry family members.

Among my favourites is The Boyfriend Sweater which is handmade from 100% wool. This is a thick wool sweater made to keep any dog of any size warm. Their sizes range from XXS to XXXL which is nice because many of the larger breeds get little choice in great clothing.

With this sweater, your pup will be wrapped in a sweater that helps keep it’s body temperature from dropping. Wool is an excellent insulator as it helps maintain the warmth generated as your dog moves. You’ll find that your pup absolutely loves the sweater because it is heavy, warm, but it still allows them to move around without any problems.

Another reason for loving this Boyfriend Sweater is that these wool sweaters are handmade by Inca Artisans in South America using plant based dyes which makes each sweater eco-friendly. This company follows the fair trade guideline which means complying with child labour laws, good working conditions, and empowerment of impoverished individuals just to name a few. So your Boyfriend Sweater is not only good for you, your dog, but it is also good for South American families who can work and thrive in a good environment.

So while you’re out strutting your stuff downtown or at the doggy park your dog will be styling in this Boyfriend Sweater and you will feel confident knowing that your pooch is warm and comfortable. It’s also nice knowing that this company cares about its footprint and wants to do a good job at helping those in need. This sweater can be purchased at