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Giving Back

While we love to spoil our pets, we know that many dogs and cats are not lucky enough to have a warm place to sleep or enough food to eat. A key reason for creating Smoochy Petz was to make the world a better and safer place for our furry friends; through raising awareness and contributing money to animals in need. We donate a portion of our sales to Stop Yulin Forever & Born Free USA.

We also support many other fantastic charities through our partner associations. We’ve chosen to work closely with suppliers who, like us want to help support animals through a variety of organizations.

Feel good knowing that when you purchase from us, you are giving back.

Love & Smooches

The SmoochyPetz Family


Stop Yulin Forever!

Our mission is to build strong relationships between dog-loving communities in the United States and animal advocates around the world, including mainland China. By starting with Yulin and the Guangdong Province, the two most notorious in China, we can start a domino effect across the world. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where all dogs are treated with the compassion and respect that they rightfully deserve.

Born Free USA

Born Free USA is a national animal advocacy nonprofit organization, whose mission is to end the suffering of wild animals in captivity and encourage compassionate conservation globally

Specifically they work to rescue individual animals in need and protect wildlife including highly endangered species in their natural habitats.. Working actively with media, they use powerful tools including legislation, public education, litigation, and grassroots networking to spread the word about challenges facing wildlife.

Through their campaigns, they work to end the use of animals in entertainment, captivity of exotic animals, trapping and fur trades, and international wildlife trade.