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Health & Wellness

Perry Yaffy

CBDs & Your Pets

The results are in and the research seems to indicate that there’s lots to like about CBDs for your fur kids. Just as CBDs have helped humans in numerous different ways in regards to arthritis, pain, anxiety, research has shown that animals can also reap health benefits for this Cannabinoil.

Debbie Lechter

Heat Stroke in Dogs & Cats- Know the Signs

Heat stroke is a serious condition that unfortunately occurs all too often in dogs and cats. Your pet can succumb to heat stroke when his body’s core temperature rises excessively — typically to 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Dogs and cats are especially vulnerable to heat stroke because their furry bodies cannot sweat to dissipate heat. Rather they pant or breathe rapidly to cool themselves. When they are unable to effectively cool themselves, their core temperature rises rapidly. This can lead to serious and sometimes fatal complications including seizures, organ failure and clotting problems. Any animal suspected of having heat stroke is experiencing a medical emergency and should receive immediate veterinary treatment. Among the most common (and also most preventable) causes of heatstroke is leaving your dog in a parked car. Check out our guide below to recognize the signs, how to avoid and what to do in an emergency.
Suzanne Gardner

My Dog’s Breath Stinks

Dental hygiene is something we take very seriously for ourselves but sometimes neglect the dental health of our pooches.This can lead to serious dental issues later in life such as gum disease and tooth loss. It’s extremely easy to avoid most issue with simple daily maintenance.

Suzanne Gardner

CBDs for Dogs

The acronym CBD is being used a lot lately but not everyone really understands what it means or what it is. CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is derived from the Cannabis plant. In this article I will explain what CBDs are and what this means for you and your dog.