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Our Story

Smoochy Petz is not just a business- it’s our calling. We wanted to create a place for animal lovers, who like us, want to kiss and hold their pets all day, and give them the best life possible.

We know there is a huge amount of pet products on the market-  but your special friend deserves something more than the ordinary. So we curated a selection of fun and luxurious products that aren’t found everywhere else.  Products that look as good as they function. Products that will look great in your home too!  And what we couldn't find; we designed! 

Every piece we select is researched, tested and tried by the Smoochy Petz family. We won’t offer anything that isn’t happily “certified” by our pets and their humans. In fact, there is a human behind every "smoochy petz" who is always ready to take your call, answer your questions  and help you with your selection. We also hope you’ll  join our community and enjoy our blogs, recipes, videos and other helpful information. Send us your suggestions, we'd love to hear from you!

Our  Petifesto

1. We believe in making adoption your first choice when adding a furry family member. 

2. We think puppies & kitties are cute, but nothing is more beautiful than the love of a senior pet.

3. We believe having too much choice is not always a good thing so we offer select and special items in our store.

4. We believe that our pets give us their best, so we should give them ours.

5. We believe that every single dog and cat matters. They all deserve a safe and loving home, so we donate proceeds to animal charities and work with vendors who do so as well.

6. Most important we hope you- kiss them, hug them, love them and spoil them.heart


-The Smoochy Petz family